Day One Outdoors is always excited to host a local getaway to a favorite fishing hole or to experience a new fishery! Cody knows these local waters and no matter the species or location, he’ll build an adventure tailored to you.  Kokanee or trout in Central Oregon, Oregon Coast steelhead or fall Chinook, reservoir largemouth bass, bay crabbing or ocean bottom fishing are some of the fisheries Cody is prepared to share.


Salmon are far and away the most popular game fish in the Northwest.  This is due to their incredible table fare, awesome size and the hard fought battles that ensue after an aggressive strike.  Three distinct runs of salmon give an angler the opportunity to target these highly desired fish nearly year-round.daily_small


Pacific Northwest Spring Chinook are considered premiere table fare around the world. The high oil content creates a rich, flavorful fillet of salmon that is one of a kind. Trolling with bait and lures is the key to success under most conditions.  The weather is improving, and so is the fishing! Come on out for an opportunity to bring home the salmon of a lifetime!  We target spring Chinook on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers as well as several tributary systems from March through June each year.


The Columbia River hosts an incredible run of summer Chinook each year that allow anglers to enjoy salmon fishing during the most beautiful time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  Trolling or anchoring with plugs and spinners generate the most success. These hard fighting fish reach sizes that often push the 40lb mark! Come fish spinners and plugs with us in search of these magnificent Salmon!  Summer Chinook fishing kicks off during the month of June and continues through July.


Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon are the Northwest’s premiere fisheries. This is the time of year that brings returning fish up to 60lbs back to their home streams to spawn and continue the life cycle.  From fishing the world renowned Buoy 10 area on the Columbia River, to small coastal streams with big fish, this is the fishery that we all look forward to each year!  This fishery Kicks off in Astoria the first week of August.  As the season progresses, small bays and coastal streams begin to fill with Salmon, giving us fantastic opportunities through October.


These ocean going trout are elusive and have become the prized catch of the Pacific Northwest.  Once hooked, steelhead take to the air and use current and rapids to their advantage…if you’re new to steelhead fishing this is an experience you won’t soon forget. Steelhead are available nearly year-round in Oregon and Washington with two separate runs flooding our local waterways.with_fish


Winter Steelhead fishing is one of the most rewarding fisheries the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Battling rugged weather conditions in an effort to hook and land a chrome bright winter steelhead along snow covered banks makes for a memory that will last a lifetime. Join us on the water either enjoying the serenity of fishing the peaceful upper stretches of several coastal or local tributary streams in our well-equipped Pavati Driftboat, or side-drifting and back trolling in Cody’s 23’ Alumaweld sled.  Winter Steelhead opportunities begin in December and continue through March.


From rowing the upper stretches of a small stream in a driftboat to enjoying the beautiful views along the Columbia River, summer steelhead fishing is a trip to remember! These fish, like spring chinook, have a high oil content and are perfect for a summertime barbecue. Come out and enjoy the weather on the Columbia River and the incredible views of our local tributaries, targeting summer steelhead!  This fishery begins as early as March in our local streams and continues into August on the Columbia River.



Bass are the most sought after game fish in the U.S., here in the Pacific Northwest, we have some of the best bass fishing in the country! However, we are easily distracted by the draw of steelhead, salmon and sturgeon, so bass take a back seat to these bigger species. But don’t sell bass fishing short! These fish are tough fighters, and make for a fun day on the water.  Both largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities abound with multiple types of fisheries to explore.  From fishing the rock piles and current seams of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers for smallmouth to flipping the pads and brush piles of our local lakes and reservoirs, bass fishing is a year-round pursuit.  Expect the best bites to occur from April to June and again in September through November in the lakes and reservoirs we target.  The rivers will fish best April through July for smallmouth.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASturgeon are good biters and hard fighters! This is a world-class fishery with multiple hookups expected each trip. With changing regulations, retention is not always possible, but catch-and-release angling makes for a great day on the water with plenty of fantastic photo opportunities. The average size range is 2-4 feet in length with many fish in excess of 6 feet long and 250lbs!  The Willamette River has fast action from December to March each year in the heart of Downtown Portland.  Sturgeon fishing peaks on the Columbia River in the winter months upstream near Bonneville Dam and above, with the Astoria estuary fishery kicking into high gear in the months of June and July.


This trip is designed to bring families together on the water.  Shad are an abundant, fun, hard fighting fish for young and new anglers alike to experience. The action is fast most days giving everyone a chance to catch fish! The weather is typically perfect as summer begins making this 4 hour trip an ideal opportunity for spending time with family and friends on the water.  Shad fishing begins at the end of May and continues through the first part of July on both the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.  Contact us to book your trip to introduce a new angler to the sport, or simply enjoy the beautiful weather and a fun day of fishing.1502


From Fly-fishing the high mountain lakes to drifting the scenic rivers of the Pacific Northwest to trolling the lakes of central Oregon, Trout fishing is a low stress fishery that gives us an opportunity to get away from the crowds and simply enjoy being on the water with a rod in hand. Experience a drift boat trip in our brand new Pavati Legacy on Oregon’s world renowned rivers and high mountain lakes or find trophy trout while fishing Central Oregon’s pristine lakes and reservoirs. Trout fishing is available year-round with fly fishing at its best throughout the spring and fall. Summer offers fantastic opportunities in Central Oregon as well. Ever want to go ice fishing for Trout? We can do that too!