A Tale of Two Rivers

Close proximity to dense populations put thousands of anglers onto two systems each winter in search of Steel.  Increased competition can lead to a decrease in success rates.  However, with the number of Winter Steelhead returning to the Sandy and Clackamas rivers this year, you better have your hatchery cards ready.  Though they are separated more »

Prawn Curing 101

Fishing with Prawns has been popular for decades.  Prawns are used in a multitude of situations.  This Spring Chinook bait of choice is used backtrolling, as a prawn spinner, plunking behind a spin n glow or even underneath a bobber setup.  The most common colors of prawns used are generally shades of red ranging from more »

C & C

“C & C Fish Factory” My college statistics teacher, on the first day of class, told me this:  “There are lies, there are damn lies and then there are statistics…in that order.”  We can make numbers speak to whatever agenda we are trying to push.  We have all seen and experienced this first hand, especially more »

Salmon Spinner Making 101

Fishing for salmon takes on many forms.  From utilizing bait to hardware, an angler has a multitude of options to target salmon and generate the flight or fight reaction that comes in the form of a bite.  As anglers, we strive for that moment. Spinners are a fantastic lure to use to target spring and more »

Flasher Phenomenon

Our Elders were the pioneers of fishing with metal attractors.  There was a time when the Dodger was the “only” option available for Salmon fishermen on the west coast. Anglers are the consummate gear junkies and, as time has passed, have discovered new and better ways to draw in our prey.  Plastic inline flashers soon more »
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