Planning For Spring:

As I sit here on the couch, enjoying some relaxing time between guided trips and hosting the show, I have begun to reflect on the past few crazy months and all of the planning it took to get this business off the ground.  From the website, to marketing materials, print properties, booth properties, gear, equipment, sponsorships, boats, truck…and so much more…it’s nice to be able to relax for just a moment and begin to plan for the next adventure.  And this spring, I have two things I could not be more excited about!  Spring Chinook and Spring Bear/Turkey hunting.951

Spring Chinook Season

Yes the projected numbers of fish are down from the last 2 years.  But the last two years have not been the norm.  Fisheries are constantly in flux and cycle over the decades and centuries.  As much planning and effort as we humans put into controlling our environment, we can only alter it so much and leave the rest up to nature to determine for itself.  Do I wish there were more Springers this year.  Of Course!  But, we all need to keep something in perspective.  Just a little over a decade ago, we were not allowed to fish for salmon on the Columbia River.  It will be open this year through the first week in April!  We will have at least 3 weeks of really good opportunities to catch an early Columbia River Spring Chinook.  Fantastic!  The Willamette will also be open 7 days per week!  I remember the days this fishery was only open 3 days per week with only 1 fish per person allowed for retention.

Will this years Salmon fishing be as prominent as years past?  The numbers are down, but there are more factors that go into our catch rates.  The last 2 years have seen VERY high water which made us all completely change how we targeted salmon on both rivers.  With the lower waters, if the temperature continues to rise, I can guarantee the catching on the Columbia will be phenomenal!  As for the Willamette, we had similar circumstances.  The turbidity was so bad with the river being blown out, that we were not able to really fish until almost mid-April!  Not so this year if our weather patterns continue.  We are able to fish now, and hopefully be able to throughout the entire season this spring!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Spring Bear/Turkey

Each year, I put in for a controlled Spring bear hunt in eastern Oregon.  I am fortunate to draw this tag about every other year.  This year being one of them!  So now, I will be stepping away from my guiding sometime in April or May, during the prime fishing months, and go after Bear.  I do this without reservation, because the country and experience are worth every second!  Successful or not, it matters little.  Being able to stretch my legs, push myself to the limit and ascend the terrain of Hell’s Canyon is a challenge I embrace, each time I am given the opportunity!  My time in the field is typically regulated to the general archery season here in Oregon.  30 days.  Not long enough for me.  So I am blessed with this opportunity to once again enjoy one of my favorite parts of this state, and go enjoy the Outdoors.  April 15th is marked with a big black “X”.  I’m ready…

–  Cody Herman

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