NWAC Presents: Winter Steelhead Techniques (Saturday & Sunday)


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Join us on December 9th & 10th to learn how to become more successful this year targeting Winter Steelhead! This 2-day course begins in the classroom for a full 8 hours of seminars, detailing every aspect of Steelhead Angling from How to Read the Water to Bobber Doggin’, Bank techniques and even fishing Metal! The 2nd day takes us to the River where attendees will have on-the-water training directly from the experts! Hands on training is invaluable, especially when you are able to openly discuss techniques with your peers and instructors to fully learn and understand the newest, most productive tactics for chasing these difficult to catch fish! Whether you target small coastal streams or the larger Columbia River Tributaries, this event will set you up for success this Winter Steelhead season!


Saturday, December 9th

The first day will focus on seminars from our instructors. The event will be held at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon from 8am until 5pm. A fully catered lunch will be provided for all attendees along with Grab Bags filled with Gear, Tackle, Coupons, Discounts and more! This is an intensive day of learning the specifics of Steelhead behavior, techniques, patterns and concepts that make anglers find consistent success.


Sunday, December 10th

The event culminates on Day 2 with on the water training for all attendees! This will take place at Glen Otto Park on the Sandy River near the Troutdale Bridge. 2 classes will be offered for Attendees. The first class will be focused on Reading Water, Fishing Spoons and Spinners as well as important Bank Fishing Techniques. The second class of the day will cover techniques ranging from plug fishing to Bobber Doggin’ and side drifting. Each Attendee will participate in both classes taught by the instructors from the first day and will have an opportunity to learn from the experts to become better Winter Steelhead Anglers!



Saturday – Mt. Hood Community College
Sunday – Sandy River, Oregon



Bill Herzog, Cody Herman, Cameron Black, Jack Glass, Marlin Lefever, Brandon Glass