Spring Chinook or Steelhead?

It’s Springer Time! (Or is it?)

I have been telling myself and my clients that I would like to wait until the first week of April before I really start going out and doing spring Chinook trips.  However, I have been forced to reconsider this plan today for two reasons:











1)  The reports keep coming in about successful days on the Columbia and the Willamette.  Nothing too spectacular, yet…we are still early.  But fish are being caught.  I have been able to ignore those numbers and reports by looking at the creel reports from our local departments of fish and wildlife.  Those reports are showing about a 2% success rate as of this past week…but that is only going to get better.  Much better  Looking at our weather patterns and the tides, this upcoming week should see many more fish caught, getting us all even more pumped up for Springer season!

2)  The phone.  After the Consumer Show season, almost everybody was still excited about Steelhead fishing.  But just today, I received 3 phone calls from clients asking to book trips for Spring Chinook as soon as possible!

797      Well, I guess it is time then.  Time to start winding down on the Drift Boat trips and looking at fueling up the sled and hitting the big water.  So today I went to the store, and began picking up all of my swivels, hooks and leader to prep for springer season.  This week will be prep week.  When that bite hits…it will be time to get out there and on the fish!  So it’s time for us all to prep for the day when the bite lights up and the catching becomes consistent!


l1 With all that being said, Steelhead fishing is still going quite well!  A few fish per day is the norm.  If someone is looking to get out on the water, enjoy the day and have the best chance of catching a fish…I would suggest we go steelhead fishing.  The Drift Boat trips are just too scenic and the fishing too consistent to ignore.  However, Springers are bigger, fight harder and are incredible table fare.  These earlier fish are the most sought after with their higher fat and oil contents.

l3The choice is ours to make.  Do we want the scenery and consistency?  Or do we want the challenge and are ready to move on to the next fishery the Pacific NW has to offer?  That decision will be hard to make over the next 2-3 weeks.  But as the Springer season kicks in to high gear and the Steelhead season winds down, we will keep you up to date here at Day One Outdoors with our results on the water, the reports we hear, and the hunting and angling opportunities that begin in the coming months.



* If you would like to book a trip with Cody Herman and Day One Outdoors targeting late Steelhead or Early Spring Chinook, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at any time for further details:


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–  Cody Herman

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