Winter Steelheading

The name of the game is rain…oddly enough, in the middle of winter, we need some!  The rivers are currently low, clear and cold!  The forecast is predicting a little bit of precipitation.  Even though it is supposed to be a relatively small amount of precipitation, it should really help not only get more fish into our coastal streams and tributaries, but warm up the water to keep them from being so finicky and lethargic!

This shot of rain should color up the water while warming it at the same time.  The cloud cover will help maintain the warmer water temperature because the nights won’t get as frigid!  So while we were needing to downsize all of our presentations and switch to lighter leaders, we can now go back to our typical set ups and fish the holes that typically hold fish.  

I suggest paying close attention to the river levels beginning Thursday the 24th.  If the rivers rise slowly, head out and fish whenever you have time!  The fish should be pushing up towards the heads of the holes or be found back in the side pockets of tailouts.  If the river rises quickly, wait until the rise begins to level off, then immediately get out there and start fishing!  The fish should be a little more active with the warmer, greener waters, so they will be found throughout the holes and hopefully will bite well, too!

Good Luck everyone!  And we will absolutely be talking about this info, the last weekend of duck season, sportsmen show season and so much more!  Also, come see me at the Portland Auto Show at the convention center this weekend on Saturday from 1-4pm!  See you all this weekend on the show, and at the Auto show.

– Cody Herman